COO of Koastal Kings Records


Slidell, Louisiana

Interesting Facts:

                                              • Recently graduated from LSU, majoring in                                                                    Management and minoring in Communication Studies.

                                              • Huge Saints, Pelicans, and LSU Tigers fan.

I’m also a rapper/artist (and soon-to-be engineer) under Koastal Kings Records.


I started rapping in 8th grade in 2005. ABreezy and I decided to start a rap group called SX2 aka Southern Soldiers. How did I start rapping? Well we were actually bored one night and were like, "hey let’s write a rap song” lol. Ever since then, we’ve been growing as artists.

I’ve always wanted to run my own label and Mr. Gud, a close friend of mine for years, approached me about wanting to team up and start one. I was excited for the opportunity and started recruiting friends who were artists and producers. 

As for future projects, my group, SX2, plans to release an EP hopefully this year. It’ll probably be about 3 to 6 songs. I think our true artist sound will come out of this project compared to our first mixtape, “Call To Duty.” As of now, I am more focused on growing the label than working on a solo project, but I do plan on making a few. I think Koastal Kings Records has a bright future. I feel like we have a great core group of people who are all unique in their own way and have a great chemistry together.

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