Rapper at Koastal Kings Records


Mansfield, Texas

Interesting Facts:

                                              • I love to play basketball

                                              • Earned my Bachelors Degree at Tarleton

                                              • I’m a huge gamer.


Started the movement TBG with my homie Pat. We added Teezy, Zacfray, Skylar, David, and James. Now, signed with KKR to kill it. I’ve been rapping for 6 years now. I plan on making alot more music just because I love expressing myself through lyrics. I plan on releasing an album through KKR, but do not have a set release date yet. You can listen to my first track called “Survivor” released through KKR at This track was produced by fellow KKR member, OneS and mixed and mastered by Gud! I’m excited for what comes next with Koastal Kings Records!

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If you’d like to work with me or anyone in Koastal Kings Records, contact us! We’re always looking to network with people. Email us at