Producer at Koastal Kings Records


Livermore, CA Currently resides: Sacramento, CA

Interesting Facts:

                                              • Degree in Visual Communications,

                                              • Producing for 5 years (on/off),

                                              • Love red gummy bears,
                                              • GS Warriors and diehard A’s fan,

                                                 • Best major placement to date has been San Quinn.


Back in high school, I was a year round athlete. Kept me busy with not much time for anything beside that, friends, and school. During preseason baseball of my junior year, I blew out my arm and had to quit altogether due to it being overworked, and not healing properly. Fortunately, basketball still was able to be done, but that left a huge gap in the year if me not doing anything. So, the family computer had GarageBand that I discovered one day, and started messing with it. After a few hours, which I didn’t realize had gone by so quickly, I discovered that I really enjoyed it. So, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months into years. Eventually I had invested in a small home studio and grown a fan base, and it was only getting better throughout. During my junior year of college, however, it had been getting overwhelming so I had to take a step back from music for a year or two. Now, I’m looking to come back and start where I left off, only to do much, much better. Watch out, because Koastal Kings Records is the new era of music!

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