Okay, sounds great. How do we get started?
1. If you use Protools great! Just save your session. Compress the folder and upload it to Dropbox and share the folder with us. OR
2. Send each stem starting at 0.00 and ending at the end of the song. Label all files accordingly i.e Verse/Chorus/Beat. Acceptable formats are .wav and AIFF(MP3 for beats.. Cut files NOT starting at 0.00 and ending with the song are not accepted. Reference tracks and cut verses will not be accepted under any circumstances. 
If you want to send us the full song bounced so we know exactly how everything should sound feel free. It may help the mix/master. 

What if I don't like it?
Before it reaches the mastering process it will be sent to you. You will receive my initial mix, plus two more revised mixes if needed. This is the perfect way to get your much needed input onto our engineer's mix. This works quickly and efficiently. In the end, we  want everyone happy and that's what we intend to do. 

So how long will it take? 
Usually we can have your song back to you finished in less than 48 hours. If revisions are needed it may take up to 96 hours. Expect your song finished and returned to you via email or Dropbox between 24 and 96 hours. Remember the better your initial recording the better and faster we can return your next hit song. 

Sounds great! How much? 
Mix/Master: $50/song- up to two revisions/high quality .wav & .mp3
Mix Only: $35/song- up to two revisions/high quality .wav & .mp3
Master Only: $40/song- up to two revisions/high quality .wav & .mp3 

Do you have any sales?

Yes! All first time customers will receive a 50% off their total order!

​Are you interested in working with us? Email us at koastalkingsrecords@gmail.com!




What is included?
- EQ if needed to polish sound.
- Compression to tighten mix.
- Limiting & Noise Shaping Dithering for commercial volume.  

What is not included?
- Fixing problems from recording.
- Fixing problems from third-party mixing. 

Mastering is applied to the stereo .wav file. The process of applying processing on multiple tracks is a part of mixing. To ensure you receive the best Mastering possible our engineer will focus on just the stereo audio file and make the song sound as clean and professional as possible. Our competitive prices include a simple mix/master. That being said any songs including a beat that is not premixed will not be accepted. Please come ready and prepared for us to work for you.

What is included?
- EQ for vocals to sit cleary with mix.
- Compression for a tight, clean sound.
- Reverb/Delay(if needed or wanted) to give commerical sound.
-  Mastering(Included for mix/master price)

 What is not included?
- Aligning drums or other instrumentals.
​- Fixing problems caused by recording habits/atmosphere. 

Our engineer wants to spend all his time getting you the best mix possible, not cleaning up a recording. The better your habits for recording is the better the mix we can provide you for a final product to send on to the mastering stage