CEO of Koastal Kings Records, LLC


Slidell, Louisiana

Interesting Facts:

                                              •Served in the U.S. Navy for four years serving in                                                            various areas like San Diego, CA, Seal Beach, CA,
                                               and Manama, Bahrain.

                                              • Meagan Good is my WCW every week.

                                              • My 2014 Mustang GT was featured in a music video                                                    with Eazy Money and Yukmouth.

I also Rap/Engineer for Koastal Kings Records, LLC!


After doing nothing but sleeping through high school, I decided to join the Navy to give myself some self-sufficient drive. The reason I joined paid off and served 4 years seeing places all over the world. My favorite place that I was stationed at would have to be San Diego, CA. The military showed me that if you want anything you have to go and get it. While in the Navy I purchased my first set of recording equipment and worked closely with a producer from England who goes by the moniker GAWS. I started off really rough and still strive to grow as an artist. Taking influences from a wide range of rap artist including Lil Wayne, Cassidy, Fabolous, and B.G. 

Eventually I decided to start Koastal Kings Records, LLC with my best friend Snow and from there we have reached out to various artist we think bring a unique sound to the typical sound you hear every day! Even if I never make another song my dream is to bring great quality music to the air waves… so that’s the plan for Koastal Kings!

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