Promoter and Writer at Koastal Kings Records


Gainesville, Virginia

Interesting Facts:

                                              • Pre-Med student & Kinesiology major at George                                                           Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia

                                              • Former State Champion, National Qualifier & Junior                                                     Olympian in Track & Field in the 100 meters & 4x100                                                     meter relay

                                              • Moved over ten times in his life including living in                                                           places such as Puerto Rico, Spain & the DMV (DC,                                                       Maryland & Virginia) area twice


Starting in 2009, I went through a very rough patch in my life. I battled depression due to the death of my best friend, the abrupt ending to my track & field career and several personal at home issues. I didn’t have a single thing going for me at that time and couldn’t catch a break. Almost everything that revolved around my life was disappearing one by one and didn’t have an outlet to express my frustration, anger and sadness until I started free-writing. Writing down how I felt about my problems in song form gave me a much needed relief to finally overcome my bout years later. I wrote so much that I became great at writing songs of any genre. I studied artists’ lyrics, structure and content such as Eminem, Big Daddy Kane and The Climax Blues Band. Along with writing, I’ve been promoting since 2010 starting with the StudioLinked website and now defunct record label and the rap group SX2.

As of right now, I’m responsible of spreading the name of our label by assisting and giving creative consultations to artists looking to improve their sound. Whether it’s through helping them with their writing or helping them find their next sound from our producers instrumentals, I want to find talented artists and manage their work to make them a better artist. With the group of guys we currently have on our team, I have the utmost confidence our label will rise to the top of the independent scene. We’ve became popular in such a short amount of time because we’re doing something different. We’re not just about making music and spamming it to the Internet or asking people to spend money on our services. We’re helping independent artists invest in their careers, give them quality sound and promote their music.

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